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Circuit Breaker Pattern For Robust Microservices

The Circuit Breaker Pattern is an important pattern which prevents to run out of critical resources leading to cascading failures accross multiple systems due to the inavailabilty of a remote supplier.  In his excellent book Release It, Michael Nygar... Read More

Martin Fowler's Microservices Architecture Definiton

Martin Fowler provides a very good introduction of the charcteristics of a Microservice Architecture. 'We cannot say there is a formal definition of the microservices architectural style, but we can attempt to describe what we see as common character... Read More

Reactive Microservices for the Architect and CTO

David Dawson’s speech at the 4. IMWorld 2017 is a very good introduction to the Microservice Architecture topic in a reactive manner. ... Read More

Thougths about an effective digital platform

On Martin Fowlers blog Evan Bottcher published an excellent article about digital platforms, called “What I Talk About When I Talk About Platforms”. In his article, he provide insights out of different “going to the cloud” projects of big companies a... Read More

CNL - A Guiding Map To Cloud Technologies

The Cloud Native Landscape  is intended as a map through the previously uncharted terrain of cloud native technologies. This attempts to categorize most of the projects and product offerings in the cloud native space. There are many routes to deployi... Read More

Amazon's Architecture Team Setup

The AWS Well-Architected Framework Document (November 2017) has an updated section about “On Architecture”, which describes the federated architecture team setup approach in their large scale enterprise. 'In Amazon, we prefer to distribute capabiliti... Read More

By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration

The world bank recently published its ten principles on identification in context of the growing awareness of the need for more inclusive. For the estimated 1.5 billion people in developing countries who lack proof of identity (World Bank data, 2016)... Read More

All You Wanted To Know About Bitcoin

The team behind Bitcoin Play, is looking at the last 10 years of bitcoin and produced a very nice and informative infographic “62 insane facts about bitcoin”. It all started with the release of the Bitcoin Whitepaper in 2007, which describes Bitcoin,... Read More

Introduction to Blockstack

An interesting blockchain based solution to watch is Blockstack. Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps. A very good and easy to read overview is given in their Blockstack Overview document. Blockstack aims to accelerate and facilitate t... Read More

Amazon wants to let strangers into your home

The following Email Newsletter by Product Hunt caught my attention this morning. I you like the move or not it’s just a brilliant chess move again by Amazon. This morning Bezos and team announced Amazon Key, an in-home camera and smart lock. As expec... Read More