Beginners Learning Platform For The Blockchain Space is a learning platform which provides so-called beautiful learning bundles in context of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Beautiful is here the right word since the overall website is very well designed from a UX point of view. Content ... Read More

Data Journalism: The Disinformation Report Assessing the IRA US Propaganda War

New Knowledge, a company which provides a disinformation solution for brands,  published an excellent and extensive report recently. The report investigates into the Russian propaganda war during the United States election in 2016. As  the New Knowle... Read More

Quick Tips: How To Show Hidden Files in the Mac Finder

Never took the time to hunt this feature really down for years (don’t know why), but it’s easy as that:  Use <.> to see hidden directory tree in the Finder  That’s it, helpful if you configure for example in IntellJ some configurations d... Read More

The new Data Journalism Handbook by Google News Lab

Recently, the Google News Lab launched the first part of its new Data Journalism Handbook. Google News Lab supported a new version of the book which was worked out with the European Journalism Centre. The book is published online (see link above) as ... Read More

Polkadot Hello World #5: Minting, Bonding, Staking and Slashing

This week’s article is about “minting”, “bonding”, “staking” and “slashing” which are core functions of a Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain consensus engine. It’s a follow-up article of “Polkadot Hello World #2: Get Nominated As An Official Validator”,... Read More

Hidoras Blog Re-Published Cloudburo Article

As part of my CoinMonks Medium Publication article series “Hello World Polkadot”, which were initially published on this site, I also introduced an article about leveraging the PaaS Platform of Hidoras. Mathieu Robin - CEO of Hidoras - reached out to... Read More

Polkadot Hello World #4: Security and Availability Aspects of Your Validator Node

In this article, I will address two topics in the context of the security and availability aspects of your Validator Node. I’m aware that the tips presented are just covering the tip of the 'security and availability' iceberg for a PoS validator node... Read More

Polkadot Hello World #3: POC-3 on Substrate is Here

Around the 15th October (as announced in the following article)  the POC-3 test net called “BBQ-Birch” went life, which is an implementation of a Substrate-based blockchain.  So you may ask, what heck is the difference between Polkadot and ... Read More

Being Writer for the Coinmonks Medium Publication

As of October 2018 I’m an elected writer of the Coinmonks Medium Publication.  The purpose of the publication is to create a cryptocurrency knowledge repository. Coinmonks is open community which thrives on it’s writers and readers. You can find the ... Read More

Polkadot Hello World #2: Get Ready to Be Nominated as Official Validator

The tutorial is based on Polkadot POC2. This is the second article of the series, articles already published on Medium: Polkadot Hello World #1: Cost-Effective Cloud Deployment of a Validator Node Where’s the Party? I suppose you followed the steps a... Read More