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Meteor Small Hints #4: Reading this.params values in the iron-router Data Context

Iron-router is a powerful Meteor router that works on the server and browser.  In this article we describe how you can read out a query parameter via the data context of the iron-router, which then can be processed later in the  template. In the belo... Read More

How We Built an Ecommerce Business from Scratch and Generated $922.16 in Revenue in 3 Days

Shopify has an execellent blog when it comes down to tips for startups or micro enterprises. There advices are always very practical oriented.

Richard Lazazzera presented a nice...

The Anatomy of a EB based Microservice - Github Docker Integration

The article describes the fundamental steps for the base setup of the Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Runtime Configuration. For handling S3 based configuration aspects of our Microservices we will setup a bucket, which holds any kind of file required by ou... Read More

Meteor Small Hints #3: Passing Query Parameters to Signup Route

This is a condensed tutorial which was initially described in here. I have a  use case, where a new user will subscribe for one of my products, via a landing page. What I want to do is to route the registration via the normal Meteor Accounts sign up ... Read More

Meteor Small Hints #2: Calling local methods in a Template

At the end it is straightforward but took me some time to figure out, how to call local methods in a Meteor template file.   Just add the local methods without any scope at the beginning. coffee isStep1OK = () ->   Meteor.user().emails[0].veri... Read More

Rodrigue Schaefer : From monolith to microservices at Zalando

At the  Microxchg 2016 conference in Berlin, Rodrigue Schaefer did an interesting presentation how they introduced microservices at Zalando. The main driver was an organisational change centred around autonomy of teams. As he stated - We want Autonom... Read More

The Anatomy of a EB based Microservice - AWS Security Configuration

Our microservice(s) will be managed by the AWS Elastic Beanstalk Docker service. With Elastic Beanstalk, you can quickly deploy and manage applications in the AWS cloud without worrying about the infrastructure that runs those applications. AWS Elast... Read More

Problems with AWS CLI on Mac OSX El Capitan

There are various problem reported with AWS CLI on El Capitan. For example I got problems with the s3 command (as well as the EB CLI).  The quickest way is to reinstall the awscli with the option —ignore-installed sudo pip install awscli --ign... Read More

DMARC: How to monitor and secure your email

In my blog article „Get a bullet proof email set up for spf-dkim-dmarc', I explained how to setup your email account in order to be protected against spammer. I was following mainly the advices of postmark, which did an excellent job in this area. In... Read More

Meteor Small Hints #1: Execute a function by name which works on client and server

Calling a function by name in Meteor gave me at the beginning some headache concerning the passed context.
I.e. the helper function which manages the function by name execution, must work on the client, as well as server side...

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