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Gradle Small Hints #2 - Deploy and Integrate Maven Artifacts on Github

The following steps are necessary to deploy and integrate artifacts in a Maven repository hosted on Github: Assumption is that you have a clb_mvnrepo Github repository which manages your Maven Repository in a releases and snapshots branch. Build and ... Read More

Docker Small Hints #2: Controlling Cloud Costs using Alarms in AWS

In order not to wake up one morning with a high AWS Cloud bill, it’s advisable to set a BillingAlarm which will notify you when your environments are starting charging more than you expect.


Docker Small Hints #1: High Level Concepts Elastic Beanstalk

Cloud Platforms are normally highly generic and configurable and it’s easy to loose overview, what can be configured or modified where. So I assembled some of the main high level concepts for AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Gradle Small Hints #1 - Zipping up a file tree

Don’t know but took me some time to figure out how to ZIP up a project directory required for my AWS Elastic Beanstalk Deployment.

The task will collect all relevant files for my project directory (which contains...

A Service is a Logical Construct Built by Microservices

This is a very interesting article by Jan Stenberg, which shows how a Service and Microservice are interrelated.

He is building services around...

A Modern Microservices Architecture By Gilt

Yoni Goldberg explains in a presentation at the  QCon London conference  the challenges they encountered moving to a micro-services architecture.

After living with micro...

Uber Unveils its Realtime Market Platform

Interesting article by Matt Ranney, Chief Systems Architect at Uber which gives an overview of their dispatch system for matching drivers and riders.

He outlines the architectural...

Microservice Competencies by Martin Fowler

There is a quite a hype in the Mircoservice architecture style, so it’s good that one of the well-known architecture heavy-weight is listing  some important competencies necessary to successfully work with this style.  ...

Phil Calcado on Lessons Learnt During SoundCloud's Microservice Migration

At QCon London 2015 Phil Calcado shared lessons learnt from SoundCloud’s move from a monolithic to micro services architecture.


Knowledge is Personal

A very intelligent and insightful article about Knowledge and the question if its transferrable.