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Ireland Banking Crisis in the 1970 - It's all about trust

The cointelegraph.com website is a constant source of stories about the progress and development in the area of blockchain and bitcoin. In an article today, they asked the question if we really need banks ? There a referencing to very interesting poi... Read More

AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynote of Werner Vogels

AWS re:Invent 2016 keynote was given by Werner Vogels. It’s a worthwhile watch and gives some interesting CTO insights to AWS. The first 10 Minutes are quite interesting to understand why AWS is positioning itself as the first customer-centric IT com... Read More

The Human Being(s) and We (as a Bank) #1 - Relationship

Under this title I will publish articles how established banks should approach their customers in a digital world with a client centric view in mind. I will concentrate here on the view which is generally managed in a bank by a Customer Relationship ... Read More

Blockchain Smart Signatures Explained

Christopher Allen provides all the time very profound blog articles in the context of blockchain, identity and authorization topics. The Smart Signatures white paper from Rebooting the Web of Trust conference is giving an excellent and easy to unders... Read More

The 5 pillars of the AWS Architecture Framework

Recently I published an article about the Twelve Factor App Methodology for SAAS, which can be applied for any programming language. In case you decide to go with aws.amazon.com you can complement the methodology with AWS Architecture Framework, whic... Read More

The Twelve Factor App Methodology for Building SAAS

Deliver applications as “Software-As-A-Service” in a Cloud Platform requires to take some principles into consideration, which were not immediately obvious when coming from a classic development environment. The 12factor.net Web page provides the so-... Read More

Blockchain Governance System Introduction

Josh Stark provides in this article an excellent introduction to the topic of Blockchain Governance Applications. It starts with a simple definition of the term “Governance” This is what I mean by 'governance' for the purposes of this article – the p... Read More

Meteor Small Hints #5: Server Code Fragments executed twice on Startup

Recently I got confused with my Meteor application, by having the server code executed twice at startup. So the code was initialising my application twice, as well as duplicated for example my Slack Sysadmin Bot running as part of the instance. I was... Read More

A Terminology Guide to DAOs, DACs, DAs and More

Due to the recent DAO hack in the Ethereum blockchain network (which resulted in the stealing of around 50 millions), I was starting to dig a little bit deeper into this new technology approach. The topic is quite complex and overloaded with differen... Read More

A categorisation of bots used for conversational commerce

Chat Bots, as the new way to engage with your clients, it’s a trending concept and approach in 2016. Forbes is even asking if ChatBots could replace Human Jobs or VentureBeat is talking from the Start of the Post App Era, which handed over to the Bot... Read More