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Reflections On Bootstrapping A Digital Micro Company - Ready to Switch

When running a micro company as a side-project, you always look out for cost optimized SaaS cloud solutions running you digital application load. Running your early startup business with a shoestring budget, means you also have to be prepared to move... Read More

Stripe Atlas - Get your startup registered within days

Working as an IT architect within the CRM area of a major Swiss Bank, I’m always interested in innovative ideas in the area of client on-boarding in context of micro- and small companies.  Such a innovative idea, is launching Stripe, which famous for... Read More

A Classification Algorithms Video Introduction for Beginners

Brian Lange gave at the PyData Chicago 2016 an Introduction to Classification Algorithms geared to people with a weak background in math/stats.  The slide set can be found at Slideshare.... Read More

An Easy To Understand Introduction to Classification Algorithms

The Lead Data Scientist at Nielsen published an excellent kickstart article about classification algorithms. Classification algorithms are one of the first thing you learn about data science. Instead of using the common lecturer example of email spam... Read More

Verifiable Data Audit an Innovative Way by DeepMind

This is a very inspiring blog article by Google AI’s subsidiary DeepMind which introduces Verifiable Data Audit for Health Data based on a blockchain like  technology. As they write: 'Data can be a powerful force for social progress, helping our most... Read More

Actions on Google - Engage User through the Google Assistant

The Google Website “Actions on Google” is a incredible useful resource in context of conversational bots. As stated on their site 'Actions on Google let you build for the Google Assistant. Your integrations can help you engage users through Google Ho... Read More

Client Classification in Banking

The following slide set I prepared in 2013, mainly to test out the capability of Google Slides. Nevertheless it gives you an overview about an implementation strategy chosen in one of largest Swiss Bank in order to standardize the Client Classificati... Read More

Ireland Banking Crisis in the 1970 - It's all about trust

The cointelegraph.com website is a constant source of stories about the progress and development in the area of blockchain and bitcoin. In an article today, they asked the question if we really need banks ? There a referencing to very interesting poi... Read More

AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynote of Werner Vogels

AWS re:Invent 2016 keynote was given by Werner Vogels. It’s a worthwhile watch and gives some interesting CTO insights to AWS. The first 10 Minutes are quite interesting to understand why AWS is positioning itself as the first customer-centric IT com... Read More

The Human Being(s) and We (as a Bank) #1 - Relationship

Under this title I will publish articles how established banks should approach their customers in a digital world with a client centric view in mind. I will concentrate here on the view which is generally managed in a bank by a Customer Relationship ... Read More