Tutorial: React Application with a Python JSON Backend (Part 1)

This tutorial gives a short introduction about the necessary preparation steps to get a Python Application Server ready which can serve a React Frontend via a  JSON interface.   The first part describes, how to get the Python Server Side ready.  We a... Read More

Data Science Mindset

Fabien Girardin Co-CEA at BBVA Data & Analytics posted a very nice article under the name “The Mindset for Innovation with Data Science”. He developed a set of principles that are used as a blueprint for how to nurture the mindset for innovation with... Read More

Precision banking: The ‘segment of one’:

A interesting article about the visionary evolvement of Financial Services.What’s needed to get the ball rolling are courageous CXOs who visualize the eventuality of customer-focused offerings which combines banking practices with behavioral science,... Read More

ERC-725 Video Tutorial

Origin, which are building a platform for decentralized peer-to-peer marketplaces, published recently an excellent tutorial and Youtube video about “Managing Identity with a UI for ERC 725”. ERC 725 (and 735) — a proposed standard for managing identi... Read More

Tutorial: Drools Decision Tables in Excel for a Product Proposal

Tutorial Source Repository: The Tutorial covers the following points Defining a Product Sales Decision Table for a customer in Excel, covering a product proposal, which is dependent of its life ... Read More

Test Run: Google’s Machine Learning-Based ‘Talk to Books’ Service

A very interesting article how Google is exploiting new machine learning strategies.They recently used machine learning to train an application to answer questions in a very unique way. It scans hundreds of thousands of books and identifies sentences... Read More

An Overview Of GDPR’s Consenting Law Impact On Marketers

The article of David Crane, provides a good overview on the necessary actions a marketing department of a company has to take in order to be compliant with the European GDPR law. It covers topics like Web Forms Events 3rd-Party Lead Gen Channel Partn... Read More

Sam Newman's Talk - From Macro To Micro

Sam Newman’s Talk on the GeeCON 2013 provides an excellent introduction, how you should decompose a system into manageable pieces. It will touch the concept of “Bounded Context”, one of the major elements in the Domain Driven Design (DDD) areas.  'St... Read More

Circuit Breaker Pattern For Robust Microservices

The Circuit Breaker Pattern is an important pattern which prevents to run out of critical resources leading to cascading failures accross multiple systems due to the inavailabilty of a remote supplier.  In his excellent book Release It, Michael Nygar... Read More

Martin Fowler's Microservices Architecture Definiton

Martin Fowler provides a very good introduction of the charcteristics of a Microservice Architecture. 'We cannot say there is a formal definition of the microservices architectural style, but we can attempt to describe what we see as common character... Read More