Blockchain 101 - A Visual Demo

This is a very basic visual introduction to the concepts behind a blockchain. Andres Brownworth introduces the idea of an immutable ledger using an interactive web demo. If you are interested in playing with this on your own, it is available online a... Read More

Event-Driven Architecture Is the Wave of the Future

Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) is the latest step in the evolution of microservices and serverless technologies. The recent Emit Conference on Event-Driven Architecture held in San Francisco provided a place for cutting-edge geeks to learn about thi... Read More

Java for Beginners #2 - Maven Primer and Understanding API's

The Table of Content of all sessions you can find here. In this lesson, we complete the project preparation steps for our Football App and introduce the concepts of a RESTful API,  the Application Programming Interface we use to get football data fro... Read More

Java for Beginners #1 - Prepare an IntelliJ Maven Project

The Table of Content of all sessions you can find here. In this first session we create a Maven Project in the IntelliJ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and configure some aspects of the tool, which helps us in our future development work. Th... Read More

Java for Beginners - Table of Content and Resources

Table of Content Java for Beginners #1 - Prepare an IntelliJ Maven Project Java for Beginners #2 - Maven Primer and Understanding API's Prerequisites E-Book: Head First Java We are referencing to the following book, which is a very good in-depth guid... Read More

Reflections On Bootstrapping A Digital Micro Company - Ready to Switch

When running a micro company as a side-project, you always look out for cost optimized SaaS cloud solutions running you digital application load. Running your early startup business with a shoestring budget, means you also have to be prepared to move... Read More

Stripe Atlas - Get your startup registered within days

Working as an IT architect within the CRM area of a major Swiss Bank, I’m always interested in innovative ideas in the area of client on-boarding in context of micro- and small companies.  Such a innovative idea, is launching Stripe, which famous for... Read More

A Classification Algorithms Video Introduction for Beginners

Brian Lange gave at the PyData Chicago 2016 an Introduction to Classification Algorithms geared to people with a weak background in math/stats.  The slide set can be found at Slideshare.... Read More

An Easy To Understand Introduction to Classification Algorithms

The Lead Data Scientist at Nielsen published an excellent kickstart article about classification algorithms. Classification algorithms are one of the first thing you learn about data science. Instead of using the common lecturer example of email spam... Read More

Verifiable Data Audit an Innovative Way by DeepMind

This is a very inspiring blog article by Google AI’s subsidiary DeepMind which introduces Verifiable Data Audit for Health Data based on a blockchain like  technology. As they write: 'Data can be a powerful force for social progress, helping our most... Read More