How To Create A MDG Technology File In SPARX Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect is a powerful tool with hundreds of built in features and support for a wide range of modeling standards ready to use out of the box. It also provides a range of powerful extension mechanisms. The Enterprise Architect Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the mechanisms for extending the core UML to support the modeling of a particular domain, platform or method. Enterprise Architect and other partner organizations provide commercially available Model Driven Generation (MDG) Technologies, but anyone is free to use the SDK to create a new Profile and to distribute it as an MDG Technology.

Here the steps in order to create an Enterprise Architect (MDG) Files, which contains an own create UML-profile package, which is used in my Diagrammer Series.

I noted them down, because after some time I can’t remember them anymore ;).

  • Select the package which contains the UML profile in the Project window (left-side)
  • Goto “Specialize” -> “Publish-Tech”
  • In the Menu-Drop Down select “Publish Package as UML Profile”
  • Choose the location where you stored the UML Profile in an earlier version (Replace the current UML profile file)
  • MAKE SURE to use the same “Profile Name ”(refer to the discussion at the end of this article), otherwise earlier stereotypes in the model aren’t modifiable anymore!

  • The UML Profile file got created.
  • Select now “Generate MDG Technology”

  • Select the last version of your MDF Technology File

  • Increase the Version Number

It includes Profiles Meta Model

  • Make sure to the path shows to your previously generated profile file

  • You are done

  • Restart EA and check that the new profile file is loaded

Be careful: Avoiding Profile Name and ID conflicts

  • Each Profile should have a unique name and ID.
  • The Profile name is specified when saving the Profile, while the ID is derived from the GUID of the diagram or Package that was used to save the Profile.
  • To avoid name and ID conflicts:
    • When creating multiple Profiles, use a new diagram or Package for each Profile
    • When saving Profiles enter a Profile name that is unique

On starting Enterprise Architect or enabling an MDG Technology,if a duplicate Profile name or duplicate Profile ID is detected, a warning will be displayed in the System Output window.


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