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Docker Small Hints #2: Controlling Cloud Costs using Alarms in AWS

In order not to wake up one morning with a high AWS Cloud bill, it’s advisable to set a BillingAlarm which will notify you when your environments are starting charging more than you expect.


Docker Small Hints #4: Cleaning up your local zombie docker images

The following commands I found very useful to get rid of zombie docker objects/images, which are accumulated over testing time. If you don’t remove them from time to time, it can happen that your local docker environment runs out...

Large-scale cluster management at Google with Borg

[email protected] published a new very interesting paper about their architecture of Borg at an ACM venue. It’s the underlying architecture for Kubernetes and provides a lot of insights.


Micro Business Quick Tips #3: Are These 4 Common Legal Mistakes Putting Your Content at Risk?

This is an interesting article which outlines some legal stuff you should consider when publishing content. As they state

“If you’re doing it right, your digital media business...

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels Shares Nine Patterns of Cloud Adoption

 At the Amazon Web Services AWS Summit London keynote, Werner Vogels shared nine patterns of cloud adoption that AWS have observed from its customer base over the past nine years of operation. Vogels suggested that the ease of operation...

Docker Small Hints #3: SSH into your AWS Elastic Beanstalk Component

Was quite a hassle in the past to setup SSH connectivity into your Elastic Beanstalk instance, luckly this got simplified. With the eb Version 3 command tool you get all the necessary support.

First install...

Micro Business Quick Tips #2: Google Apps Email setup for a new domain

Assumption is that
  • you have a Google Business Account
  • you purchased a new domain, e.g. curation.space
  • you want to route emails to the new domain <anyname>@curation.space to your primary...

Micro Business Quick Tips #1: Get a bullet proof E-Mail setup (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)

In the current world of spammers, intruders and fake emails, it is vital to get a bullet proof setup for your E-Mail deliveries. It took me some time to sort it out, but at the end not more than three steps are necessary to get an authenticated email... Read More

The Benefits of Microservices

During the online panel Exploring the Uncharted Territory of Microservices organized by XebiaLabs, the following participants discussed the benefits of microservices: Gene Kim, author, researcher and former CTO at Tripwire, moderator...

Gradle Small Hints #2 - Deploy and Integrate Maven Artifacts on Github

The following steps are necessary to deploy and integrate artifacts in a Maven repository hosted on Github: Assumption is that you have a clb_mvnrepo Github repository which manages your Maven Repository in a releases and snapshots branch. Build and ... Read More