DAO Project Work Announcement (PolkaDAO Proposal)

My first proposal for the Alchemy DAOstack based DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) “PolkaDAO” got approved. The proposal will deliver as a first milestone the initial library of a Java-based Polkadot/Substrate library.

The Polkadot/Substrate Type Library- as for example exposed via the Polkadot-js API or the Python Polkscan Codec Library - is the bootstrap library required in a programming language to process blockchain SCALE codec-encoded data structures.

Substrate (the Polkadot underlying blockchain framework/technology) encodes data in the “Simple Concatenated Aggregate Little-Endian” (SCALE) data format, as implemented by the parity-codec crate and several JavaScript modules.

You can find the Proposal (managed as part of the DAOstack Ethereum contract) here. Project Documentation and Progress Report is fully managed in a Github repository:

As part of this work, I earned 0.61% reputation into the PolkaAO governance organization.

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