ETHCC Keynote by Matan Field - DAOStack

There are two excellent speeches by Matan Field which introduces the DAOStack.

The lectures were held at the Ethereum, Community Conference in Paris (March 2018). Matan Field is the founder and architect of the DAOStack, which provides a platform for any kind of DAO. Matan defines a DAO as follows.

The DAO is a new form of human association:
  • That aligns the interests of actors and manages joint resources around a shared mission as companies do.
  • But which also becomes more effective as it grows (and is decentralized and open) like free markets.

Or in two words

“a DAO is orientable and super-scalable

Orient-able in the sense that it can be oriented towards any decision and super-scalable in the regard that it grows super linear. When you increase the organization, it will become more effective than less effective as a typical organization becomes.

The first video will provide a good overview of the architecture of DAOStack. According to Matan, they were following a systemic approach when building up the platform. I.e., they started with the core platform first, added the protocol and at the end, the applications in contrast to a lot of players in the market, which are starting with the application first.

The second video, will go into more detail in the context of Holographic Consensus Algorithm and how DAOstack tries to solve the scalability challenges.

A perfect starting point into the DAOstack world.

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