Google Reveals the Secrets of DevOps

A interesting article about Google’s DevOps approach, which is immense. 
The numbers revealed by Meckfessel at the conference showed that over 500 million tests are run per day inside Google’s systems. That’s to accommodate over 4 million builds, daily. Why so many builds? Because Google’s Bazel build system allows for near-instant build processes, ensuring developers can quickly gain the feedback they need from their code.
One of the more interesting and compelling aspects of the Google development philosophy is the idea of blameless post-mortems. When a problem occurs and is resolved, the chief goal of the Google development teams is to find a way to solve the problem with tools or processes, rather than finding a way to assign blame. Ramji referenced Toyota’s techniques which were the inspiration: an error is the fault of the process, not necessarily of the person who created the error itself.
You can read the full article here:

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