Intellij: Gradle Project Fails To Deploy Tomcat Server (war:exploded)

Recently I had a problem with the deployment of a IntellJ Gradle Project Artifact to a local Tomcat Server which didn’t work out. The root cause resolution took me some time, so here is the solution to reduce your researching time.

The local Tomcat Server was configured as follows with the deployment of the exploded WAR file, which is the preferred option(will easen debugging).

Running the build, didn’t result in the war exploded to be generated.

A check of the of the explodedWAR artifact and its output directory was correct.

Finally the following Stackoverflow Article gave the final hint

Under Gradle Preferences , you have to make sure you don’t have checked ‘Delegate IDE build/run actions to gradle’. After having unchecked it the exploded WAR artefact will be builded.

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