Data Science Mindset

Fabien Girardin Co-CEA at BBVA Data & Analytics posted a very nice article under the name “ The Mindset for Innovation with Data Science”. He developed a set of principles that are used as a blueprint for how to nurture the mindset for innovation with Data Science.

First of all he summarized the practice of Data Science in his word, by introducing four different strategic areas:

  1. Datasets typically covers data governance, strategic data sources and infrastructures.
  2. Skillsets are about measuring analytics readiness, managing talent, spreading an evidence-based culture (e.g. creating a shared language), applying Data Science processes, and designing the organizational framework of Data Science teams.
  3. Toolsets cover the selection of the proper Data Science tools and the application of the best practices throughout the organization.
  4. A Mindset that assembles the animating principles that support the ethos of a Data Science function to deliver value and innovate at the source of a digital transformation.

As he stated

“I believe the Mindset is the moving force that transforms the investments in Datasets, Skillsets and Toolsets into economic and cultural impact. Let me try to introduce why and how.”

In order to nuture the mindset for Innovation he formulated the following 5 value principles

  • Culture over technology
  • Polymathy over expertise
  • Ambidexterity over disruptiveness
  • Stories over sprints
  • Ethics over profits

In his article Fabien deep-dives into each of the principles and outlines its importance to enable innovation.

You can read the full article here.

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