An Overview Of GDPR’s Consenting Law Impact On Marketers

The article of David Crane, provides a good overview on the necessary actions a marketing department of a company has to take in order to be compliant with the European GDPR law.

It covers topics like

  • Web Forms
  • Events
  • 3rd-Party Lead Gen
  • Channel Partners, as well as
  • Sales

GDPR is constructed around 6 lawful bases for processing data, the two that matter most to marketers are consent and legitimate interest. For marketers obtaining consent should be the primary legal basis to use personal data.

GDPR should be seen as an opportunity than a threat as David states:

There’s no doubt that GDPR can threaten organizations that aren’t prepared for it. A lack of compliance may result in penalties that could cripple your company.
However, smart marketing teams are facing GDPR with a different vigor: Not simply to avoid the fallout of non-compliance with the new regulation, but to prepare their organizations for the inevitable transformation from old batch-and-blast practices to complete permission-based marketing.

And be sure: This is not the end of data privacy regulations, other countries are waiting with new regulations in order to protect their citizen better.
You can read the full article here:


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