Reflections On Bootstrapping A Digital Micro Company - Ready to Switch

When running a micro company as a side-project, you always look out for cost optimized SaaS cloud solutions running you digital application load.

Running your early startup business with a shoestring budget, means you also have to be prepared to move on and switch SaaS providers potentially more often than you want.

As an example:

I was running my Meteor-based Cloudburo Bot Memberzone Frontend Application first on the Tangible SaaS solution for a very competitive price.

After some months the SaaS platform was broken out of the company and a small engineer team left Tangible to take over the platform under the name Xervo.

One of the first step was a price increase of their base offering. It was a fair increase and no reason to move on.

However some time later they were reaching out to their customers with the information that the service will be shut down within just 24 days.

That means, you have to react quite quickly and start re-arranging your deployments. 24 days is not much, especially if you are running the micro company as a side-project beside your normal professional work.

Luckily the migration of a Meteor App together with its underlying MongoDB can be quite straightforward, when choosing a experienced SaaS provider.

I’ve switched over to nodechef which offers a fully integrated F2B solution. I got a replica of my production app running within 20 minutes and had to invest additional two hours, to reconfigure my domains and doing serveral tests.

First impression is that, their offering and dashboard seems even superior to the Xervo one on a similar (potential cheaper) price!

One finding out of this exercise is the power of Meteor when it comes to deployment. Meteor Apps can be deployed on different SaaS stack within record time, due to their intelligent and “taking care of everything” packaging features.

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot .

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