Stripe Atlas - Get your startup registered within days

Working as an IT architect within the CRM area of a major Swiss Bank, I’m always interested in innovative ideas in the area of client on-boarding in context of micro- and small companies.

Such a innovative idea, is launching Stripe, which famous for its easy to use Credit Card Payment Process API aimed a Internet businesses (I use it for my own subscription offering and it serves me as a showcase how a public API service offering should look like).

With Stripe Atlas they offer a banking package for Internet Startup Companies. Within just 4 days you get your bank account established and a company incorporated in Delawar.

I didn’t check the offering in detail, but it shows where the journey goes to in the space of financial services offering for micro and small companies. Traditional banks have to get sooner than later ready, to get their corporate banking for small enterprises offering aligned with the new world of thinking.

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