Verifiable Data Audit an Innovative Way by DeepMind

This is a very inspiring blog article by Google AI’s subsidiary DeepMind which introduces Verifiable Data Audit for Health Data based on a blockchain like technology.

As they write:

Data can be a powerful force for social progress, helping our most important institutions to improve how they serve their communities …

Data can only benefit society if it has society’s trust and confidence, and here we all face a challenge. Now that you can use data for so many more purposes, people aren’t just asking about who’s holding information and whether it’s being kept securely – they also want greater assurances about precisely what is being done with it.

In that context, auditability becomes an increasingly important virtue…

Imagine a service that could give mathematical assurance about what is happening with each individual piece of personal data, without possibility of falsification or omission. Imagine the ability for the inner workings of that system to be checked in real-time, to ensure that data is only being used as it should be. Imagine that the infrastructure powering this was freely available as open source, so any organisation in the world could implement their own version if they wanted to.

Quite a brave and mind-changing approach, interesting to see how it evolves.

You can read the full article her:


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