Blockchain Smart Signatures Explained

Christopher Allen provides all the time very profound blog articles in the context of blockchain, identity and authorization topics.

The Smart Signatures white paper from Rebooting the Web of Trust conference is giving an excellent and easy to understand introduction to the topic of Smart Signatures.

Out of the abstract of the paper, Smart Signatures are defined as follows.

Traditional cryptographic signature systems are based on strictly-defined authentication and authorization mechanisms that assume a single private key can be used to produce a given signature and that a single public key can be used to verify it. Given the evident limitations of this design, we propose an alternative with more powerful capabilties, based on the ability to explicitly outline and fully program conditions for verification. These conditions would then be used to determine when a signature or set of signatures can be considered valid.

This requirement of explicitly define authorization rules for the (multiple) signature(s) check is a core principle of the blockchain aka bitcoin, and an invention which enhancing authorisation strategies dramatically.

The authors will describe the topic of Smart Signatures in context of the Bitcoin Script language and provides various use cases and implementation statuses.

You can find the white paper here

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