A categorisation of bots used for conversational commerce

Chat Bots, as the new way to engage with your clients, it’s a trending concept and approach in 2016.

Forbes is even asking if ChatBots could replace Human Jobs or VentureBeat is talking from the Start of the Post App Era, which handed over to the Bot Era.

For example refer to the following Google Trend graph, which shows how the search keyword Chatbots spiked in the last months in 2016.

But let’s look first at the bot type categorisation which will help to better understand the topic.

In the e-commerce sector, they are using the term conversational commerce bots. The Venturebeat article by Jeff Lawson of Twilio introduces a nice categorisation of the various bot types which can be used in commerce.

First of all the term conversational commerce is defined as

A future of technology driven by messaging (and voice) interactions that transcend current communication modalities.

Jeff Lawson counts five different trends converging on conversational commerce:

1. Advanced notifications
2. Bots
3. Chat in apps
4. Apps in chat
5. Humans chatting with each other

You can find all the details in the Venturebeat article.

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