Launching a New Product? These 5 Tips Will Get You the Testimonials You Need

Demian Farnworth was publishing a very helpful article on the well known “copyblogger” site about the strategy how to get testimonials for your new product launch.

The article starts with a very illustrative thought experiment about the importance of trust

… look at your birth certificate to confirm that you were indeed born on the day that your parents said you were born?

For most people, the answer is never. You simply took your parents’ word. Because you trusted them.

Your parents hopefully did a lot of things to help build that trust — like feed and clothe you, teach you lessons, play with you, and protect you. People who don’t have that experience, however, feel something entirely different: they question everything. They don’t inherently trust.

For most of us, though, if we read or hear something from someone we know, like, and trust, we accept it without question.

As an entrepreneur, you need to think of your customer as a child who’s been burned one too many times. Who’s been hoodwinked, ridiculed, and neglected. Who’s defensive, reserved, and hard-nosed.

The article moves on and introduces five simple methods to get hold of testimonials, which are seen as a prove of your claim about the usefullness of your new launched product:

  • Offer free trials
  • Create superb welcome experiences
  • Ask for volunteers
  • Build relationships with credible experts
  • Invite people to a beta version

You can find the full article here


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