Micro Business Quick Tips #3: Are These 4 Common Legal Mistakes Putting Your Content at Risk?

This is an interesting article which outlines some legal stuff you should consider when publishing content. As they state

“If you’re doing it right, your digital media business is probably an intellectual property factory. Smart small businesses have a content creation conveyor belt and publish new content all day everyday, from ebooks to infographics. And while there is a lot of talk about the benefits of creating content, there is very little talk about protecting it”

Make sure that you don’t make the following 4 mistakes:

  • Mistake #1: Not copyrighting your content
  • Mistake #2: Not posting terms and conditions on your website
  • Mistake #3: Failing to use technology to police your work
  • Mistake #4: Not having a solid contract with your clients

Read the details here:


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