Micro Business Quick Tips #2: Google Apps Email setup for a new domain

Assumption is that
  • you have a Google Business Account
  • you purchased a new domain, e.g.
  • you want to route emails to the new domain <anyname> to your primary Gmail account

Necessary Steps

Go to the Google Admin Console (

1. Add the Domain on the Google Admin Console
On the Domain Page add your new Domain:

2. Add a TXT Record on your DNS Server
Google will provide a TXT record which has to be added onto the DNS server, in our example of

3. Add MX Records on your DNS Server
Remove the MX records of the old provider and add the new one as listed by Google

4. Add SPF Record on your DNS Server

Refer to the discussion about SPF, DKIM, DMARC in the following blog entry

v=spf1 ~all

5. Add an Email Alias for the User on the Google Admin Console
Make sure to add an email alias to your user in the google admin

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