A Service is a Logical Construct Built by Microservices

This is a very interesting article by Jan Stenberg, which shows how a Service and Microservice are interrelated.

He is building services around business capabilities, a strategy which we are following within UBS AG as well in order to organize the interfaces on the large-scale business domain landscape. The importance of the Business Capabilities emerged in the recent year in the Business Architecture space and is helping us a lot in discussion with the business and their strategic planning.

A service is a logical construct owning a business capability and made up of internal autonomous components or microservices that together fulfil all responsibilities of the service

The article exploits some work in context of technical authority and shows four rules for defining a service
  • Is the technical authority for a given business capability.
  • Is the owner of all the data and business rules that support this business capability wherever it is needed.
  • Forms a single source of truth for that capability.
  • Ensures we can maintain autonomy and encapsulation.
Some findings which we also apply in our day2day integration architecture work. The full article is worth a read and can be found here:


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