Table of Content


Parent POM Configuration

The project clb-appPlatform consists of the Parent POM which will build the overall Clouburo App Platform via Maven Project Aggregation

Deploy Management

The release and deploy management to Github/Bitbucket is managed by the wagon-git Maven plugin.

There are two kind of repository locations Public (for Open Source Code) and Private (Not release in public yet).

Each location consists of three repository

  • clb-mvnsnapshot
  • clb-mvnrelease
  • clb-mvnsite

The distributionManagement element in the POM will define the target for the deploy and site-deploy commands.

        <name>Cloudburo Bitbucket Maven Release</name>
        <name>Cloudburo Bitbucket Maven Snapshot</name>

Referencing Repositories for Consuming

Having public, as well as private repositories to reference for consuming there are 4 entries in the repositories element of the POM

        <name>Cloudburo Public Maven Snapshot Repo on Github</name>
        <name>Cloudburo Public Maven Release Repo on Github</name>
        <name>Cloudburo Private Maven Snapshot</name>
        <name>Cloudburo Private Maven Release</name>


In case you are running in deploy issues, follow these steps:

wagon-git attempts to reuse as much as possible the same temp directory as for a given remote git repository. It could be possible that this represents a problem. It could be a good idea to perform a test deploy through the command:

mvn clean deploy site-deploy -DperformRelease